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Loans in Tembisa is here to provide residents of this vibrant township with quick same-day cash loans. Whether you live in Birch Acres, Phomolong, Winnie Mandela, Esangweni, or any other area of Tembisa, our services are accessible to you.

The Role of Mashonisa in Tembisa

Tembisa is a thriving township in South Africa known for its diverse communities and bustling streets. Private lenders, commonly referred to as “mashonisa,” play a crucial role in providing financial assistance to those in need.

Safer Loan Alternatives

To avoid the risks associated with mashonisa borrowing, explore these safer alternatives:

  • Check Your Credit Score: Verify your credit record for accurate financial assessment.
  • Registered Lenders: Seek registered lenders operating under the National Credit Regulator’s guidance for legal lending practices.

Cash Loans in Tembisa

If you need immediate cash, there are various registered lenders in Tembisa that can offer you quick and secure cash loans. Lenders like Wen Cash Loans Tembisa , Capricorn Cash Loans Tembisa and Motemo Cash Loans in Tembisa These loans are designed to help you cover unexpected expenses or emergencies without the high risks associated with unregistered lenders. Also consider Karabo cash loans, Vanci Cash Loans Tembisa and PIP Cash Loans as they have been known to be cash loan providers in and around the area.

Explore Registered Lenders in Tembisa

For reliable cash loan options in Tembisa, consider these registered lenders:

Cash Converters Tembisa

  • Address: Shop 1, Tembisa Plaza, Andrew Mapheto Drive, Tembisa
  • Contact: 011 926 1514

NCR Loans Tembisa

  • Address: Shop 7, Ekatlhong Mall, Mandela Street, Tembisa
  • Phone: 011 925 4143

African Bank Tembisa

  • Address: Shop 20, Tembi Mall, Olifantsfontein Road, Tembisa
  • Phone: 011 925 3652

EasyCash Loans Tembisa

  • Address: 124 Lungisa Street, Tembisa
  • Phone: 073 720 8507

Capitec Bank Tembisa

  • Address: Shop 17, Tembisa Plaza, Andrew Mapheto Drive, Tembisa
  • Phone: 087 575 9404

ABSA Tembisa

  • Address: Shop 5, Tembisa Mega Mart, Andrew Mapheto Drive, Tembisa
  • Phone: 011 317 0616

Standard Bank Tembisa

  • Address: 277 Mthimba Street, Tembisa
  • Phone: 011 926 1378

Imvano Cash Loans (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 7786 Block 35, Unit 73 Clayville X45 Tembisa 1632

Sebata Financial Backers (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1894 Hartchet Fish Street Kaalfontein Ext 4 Tembisa 1632

Bidela Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 293 Tshwelepelo Ext 1 Tembisa 1632

Maremanyane Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 199 South Africa Street Ethafeni Tembisa 1628

TLM Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1734 Kokomere Crescent Teanong Ext 5 Tembisa 1632

Azwinavhi Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd (Vhaliwa Cash Loan)

  • Address: 226 Xubeni Section Tembisa 1628

BG Seroka (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1988 Morula Street Kgatlamping Ext 5 Tembisa 1628

Makgeru A Tsate (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 250 Mashemong Section Tembisa 1628

Pick and Enjoy Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd

  • Address: 326 Xubeni Section Tembisa 1632

Sonkomose Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 832 Teanong Section Tembisa 1632

Valued Services Trading (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 8520 Ivory Park Extension 8 Tembisa 1632

Ndlovukazi Financial Solution (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 4884 Mashabela Street Liliba Ext 10 Tembisa 1628

DAO Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 102 Churchill 144 Lekaneng Section Tembisa 1632

Phumzile Polinah Ndala (LB Financial Services)

  • Address: 43 Lynx Street Mqantsa Section Tembisa 1632

Good Deal Financial Trading (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 6176 Winnie Mandela Zone 5 Tembisa 1632

Matsakatana Albert Marotola (Alis Cash Loans)

  • Address: 8152 Winnie Mandela Zone 8 Tembisa 1682

Pangae (Pty) Ltd (Pangae Micro Finance)

  • Address: 22 Mandara Street 275 Temong Section Tembisa 1628

Tek Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 4164 Ext 11 Umthambeka Section Tembisa 1632

Wankateko Financial Solution (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1493 Leboeng Section Tembisa 1632

XS Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1091 Tswelopile Tembisa 1628

Bakone Ba Merako Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: House 473409 Weaver Street Difateng Tembisa 1632

Pprgmada Holdings (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 4067 Tswelopele Ext 8 Tembisa 1632

Scotches Finance (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 1516 Leboeng Ext 5 Khoi Street Tembisa 1628

Bonmot Capital (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 85 Saturn Street Kopanong Section Tembisa 1632

Triple Rrr Maphiri Investments (Pty) Ltd (Triple Rrr)

  • Address: 1604-51 Carnation Crescent Ebony Park Tembisa 1632

Real Deal Finance (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 4348 Phomolong Section Tembisa 1632

Tsiri Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 27 Moriting Section Tembisa 1632

Manko Consulting (Pty) Ltd (Cash Crusaders Tembisa)

  • Address: Shop 26 Cnr Algeria and Olifantsfontein Road Megamart Complex Tembisa 1632

AT Swelihle (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: Stand 51 Ehlanzeni Section Tembisa 1632

Makhosi Finance (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 3980 Karl Marx Street Umthembeka Ext 11 Tembisa 1632

Mthembe Group (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 8007 Winnie Mandela Ext 23 Tembisa 1632

Ngamla Cash Loans (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 103 Moedi Section Tembisa 1628

Lonetia Finance (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 10804 Matikweni Nkuna Section Tembisa 1632

Madumi Cash Loan (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 5191 Tembisa Ext 12 Tembisa 1632

Dima Project Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Dima Financial Solutions)

  • Address: 1146/09 Ungamu Street Temong Extention Tembisa 1632

Burgshire Hills Group (Pty) Ltd (Quick Pik Cash Loans)

  • Address: 9885 Zone 4 Winnie Mandela Tembisa 1632

Phaphama Cash Solutions (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 8222 Zone 8 Winnie Mandela Tembisa 1632

Motsai Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 112 Elidinga Section Sam Molele Street Tembisa 1632

Zikalala Financial Providings (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 6775 Winnie Mandela Zone 2 Tembisa 1632

Moam Operations (Pty) Ltd (Mokitlana OA Mahlako)

  • Address: A3330 Vusimuzi Dumping Ext Tembisa 1632

Vharovhi Trading (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 199 Ngungunyane Magigwane Street Isithama Section Tembisa 1628

Mathareko (Pty) Ltd (Mathareko Cash Loans)

  • Address: 433 Shoebill Street Difateng Section Tembisa 1632

KonNN Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (KonNN Fin)

  • Address: 2822 Knobwood Street Ebony Park Tembisa 1632

Elizalaw Business Enterprise (Pty) Ltd (Elizalaw Cash Loans)

  • Address: 1/26 Dlanga Street Lekaneng Section Tembisa 1632

Pulane Capital (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 47 Emkhathini Section Tembisa 1632

Kgothi Phumi Finance and Project (Pty) Ltd (Kgothi Phumi Finance)

  • Address: 325 Isithama Tembisa 1628

Leano Strategics (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 264 Kakongo Street Leboeng Section Tembisa 1632

Monino Money Solution (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 87 Difateng Section Tembisa 1632

MHS Intergrated (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 348 Rev RTJ Namane Drive Summore Complex 3rd Floor, Office 11 Tembisa 1632

Mapaya Investments (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: Office No 5 Summore BLD 430 Rev Namane Street Tlamatlama Section Tembisa 1632

Payday Loans in Tembisa

Payday loans are short-term loans designed to help you get through until your next paycheck. These loans are typically smaller in amount and are expected to be repaid quickly. Many registered lenders in Tembisa offer payday loans with reasonable terms and conditions.

Online Loans in Tembisa

For convenience and ease of access, many lenders now offer online loan applications. This allows you to apply for a loan from the comfort of your home and get the funds deposited directly into your bank account.

Apply for a Loan Online

Take advantage of the convenience and safety of online loan applications. Apply Online Now

While our list of lenders is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. We continually update it to ensure you have access to a wide range of credit providers. Prioritize safety and convenience in your loan search, and consider exploring online options.

Find Mashonisa in Tembisa is committed to assisting residents with quick same-day cash loans. Whether you reside in Birch Acres, Phomolong, Winnie Mandela, Esangweni, or any other area of Tembisa, our services are here for you.

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