Cash Loans in Soshanguve

Apply For A Same Day Cash Loan Online - Instant Decision

Cash Loans in Soshanguve on the same day. When life throws financial challenges your way, having a reliable and quick solution is crucial. In Soshanguve, we offer tailored cash loan services designed to meet your urgent needs. Whether it’s unexpected expenses or planned investments, our loans are crafted to provide you with the financial freedom you need, right when you need it.

Customised Loans for Soshanguve Residents

Living in Soshanguve means facing a variety of financial situations. We understand that each resident’s financial needs are unique, and that’s why we offer a range of loan options. From personal loans and payday loans to both short-term and long-term solutions, we have you covered. Our loans are designed to provide you with the flexibility and quick access to cash that you need to manage your finances effectively.

Credit Providers in Soshanguve

Finding a reliable credit provider is key to securing a good loan. Here are some of the most trusted credit providers in Soshanguve:

Yimlo Trading

  • Physical Address: 5583 Umphafa Street Block VV Ext5, Soshanguve East, Pretoria

Continental Micro Financing Company

  • Physical Address: 7274/25 Ext 6, Soshanguve East

Wisani Cash Loan

  • Physical Address: 279 Block S, Soshanguve

Thabiso Lena Financial Institution

  • Physical Address: 325 Block LL, Soshanguve

Sehlesedi Money Solutions

  • Physical Address: 41 Block G, Soshanguve

Mpepu Finance (Trading Name: Mpepu Finance)

  • Physical Address: Nafcoc Centre, Soshanguve

Khwilimba Holdings (Trading Name: Khwilimba Cash Loans)

  • Physical Address: 423 Stand Pirates Street, Soshanguve-A

Reabetswebokamoso (Trading Name: Monamoledi Finance)

  • Physical Address: 394 Block LL, Soshanguve

Ritike Finance

  • Physical Address: Stand 7393/15 Extension 5, Soshanguve-East

Tuwani Holdings

  • Physical Address: 1010 Mdalala Street, Soshanguve

Mac4ron Financial Solutions

  • Physical Address: 32 Block KK, Soshanguve

Afribull Solutions

  • Physical Address: 606 Block M, Soshanguve

M and S Holding Properties

  • Physical Address: 3641 Block L Ext, Soshanguve

Ezii Finance

  • Physical Address: 15280 Ext 11, Soshanguve South

Necta Telecommunications

  • Physical Address: 15280 Ext 11, Soshanguve South

Nhlengiz Trading

  • Physical Address: 7274 Stand 17 Ext 6, Soshanguve East

Azania Micro Finance

  • Physical Address: 721 Block Y, Soshanguve


  • Physical Address: 407 Block JJ, Soshanguve

Thalente Thubelihle Mthethwa

  • Physical Address: 1921 Maseko Street Block G, Soshanguve


  • Physical Address: 706 Block AA, Soshanguve

Amalgamated Solutions Zone

  • Physical Address: 1601 Block L, Soshanguve

Petseke Quick Finance

  • Physical Address: 1065 Block DD, Soshanguve

FKTL Solutions

  • Physical Address: 1874 Block GG, Soshanguve

Peeps Funeral Service

  • Physical Address: 1322 Block BB, Soshanguve

Capital Fast Loan

  • Physical Address: 879 Block GG, Soshanguve

Cash Unlimited Money Landers

  • Physical Address: 91 Tau Street Block GG, Soshanguve

1PTA1488 Consulting

  • Physical Address: 1417 Block F, Soshanguve

Mashonisa in Soshanguve

For those seeking immediate cash solutions, Mashonisa services in Soshanguve offer an alternative to traditional loans. These informal lenders provide loans against valuables, ensuring quick cash without the hassle of lengthy applications.


  • Instant cash availability
  • No credit checks
  • Flexible repayment terms


  • Higher interest rates
  • Risk of losing valuables if the loan is not repaid
  • Less formal agreements, which may lack legal protection

Same Day Loans in Soshanguve

In urgent situations, same-day loans provide the fastest relief. With a straightforward application process, you can get approved and receive funds on the same day. This ensures that you can handle emergencies without delay, making same-day loans a perfect solution for quick financial needs.

In Soshanguve, whether you opt for a registered credit provider or a Mashonisa, it’s crucial to choose a solution that aligns with your financial needs and repayment capability. We are committed to offering reliable financial assistance tailored to the unique needs of Soshanguve residents, ensuring you have the support you need to navigate any financial challenge with ease.

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