Frequently Asked Questions

Will searching for a loan affect my credit score?


Searching for a loan with Bluechipfin will have no to minimal effect on your credit score. What affects your credit score the most is how you handle your loan repayment.

Will I be accepted for a loan?


This totally depends on the lenders. If you have a good credit history and earn enough to cover the repayment terms, there shouldn’t be any problem getting a loan.

What types of loan are available?


Bluechipfin currently offers unsecured loans including payday loans. We may offer other financial instruments at a later stage.

How much can I borrow?


You can apply for up to R150 000 through Bluechipfin.

How long can I borrow for?


Our current partners offer a maximum tenure of 72 months for an unsecured loan.

What can disqualify me from getting a Personal Loan?


Is my information and details safe?

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