GEPF Payment Dates For 2024

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It’s crucial for all pensioners, regardless of their retirement date, to stay informed about when they will receive their pension payments throughout 2024. The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) has established a payment calendar, extending up to 2025, to assist pensioners in planning their finances. However, it’s important to note that these dates are subject to change.

GEPF Payment Schedule Overview

GEPF follows a structured payment system, catering to different pensioner groups based on their retirement dates. Here’s a breakdown of the payment dates:

  1. Pensioners Retired on or Before December 31, 2002:
    • Payment Date: The first day of each month
    • Payment Type: Monthly in advance
  2. Pensioners Retired After December 31, 2002:
    • Payment Date: The last day of each month
    • Payment Type: Monthly in arrears

GEPF Payment Dates for 2024

MonthPayment Date for Pensioners Retired on or before 31 Dec 2002Payment Date for Pensioners Retired after 31 Dec 2002
January1 January31 January
February1 February28 February
March1 March31 March
April1 April30 April
May1 May31 May
June1 June30 June
July1 July31 July
August1 August31 August
September1 September30 September
October1 October31 October
November1 November30 November
December1 December31 December

By referring to this payment schedule, pensioners can effectively manage their finances and ensure timely receipt of their pension payments throughout the year. Always stay updated with any changes that may occur to these payment dates.

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