How to check RCS Card Balance

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RCS, a leading provider of financial services, offers several ways to check your RCS card balance easily and conveniently. This guide outlines how to access your balance using your mobile phone, the RCS Self Service portal, or the RCS Card App.

Check RCS Card Balance using a Phone

  1. Dial the sequence: *120*727* followed by your 19-digit card number and # (e.g., *120*727*1234567891234567891#).
  2. Call RCS on . 0861 729 727. Press the call button to begin the process.` This service incurs a 20-cent fee. Save this number in your contacts for future use.

Beyond Mobile

RCS offers a user-friendly Self Service portal and the RCS Card App (available in select app stores) for additional account management features:

  • Check your balance: Monitor your current balance for responsible spending habits.
  • Access statements: View past six months’ statements to track your transaction history.
  • Go green with e-statements: Opt for electronic statements for a more eco-friendly approach.
  • Update contact information: Easily change your email address directly within the portal.
  • Make payments conveniently: Manage your financial obligations with hassle-free payments through the portal.

Chat with Ricci, the RCS Chatbot

For an interactive experience, chat with Ricci, the RCS Chatbot, available on Facebook Messenger or the RCS website. Ricci provides instant answers and assistance with any RCS Card-related inquiries.

These accessible options empower you to effortlessly track your balance, manage your finances, and maintain financial well-being.

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