How to withdraw money using an RCS Card

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RCS Cash Advance: The RCS Card serves as a passport to a realm of shopping convenience, with over 25,000 stores across South Africa welcoming RCS payments. While direct cash withdrawals aren’t facilitated, a seamless solution is at hand – RCS Cash Advances. Here’s how one can maximize this convenient alternative:

  1. RCS Self-Service Portal: Individuals can navigate to the RCS website, gaining access to their personal account, and effortlessly initiate a cash advance request. By completing the requisite form, the process is set in motion.
  2. RCS App: By downloading the free RCS App, users establish a comprehensive hub for managing their RCS accounts. With just a few clicks, they can effortlessly request a cash advance to address their specific financial needs.
  3. Telephone Assistance: For those who prefer a personalized touch, a dedicated team is available for assistance. Individuals can reach out at 0861 729 727 to receive tailored support in acquiring their cash advance.

Upon submission of the request, individuals can anticipate a prompt notification, keeping them informed about the status of their cash advance application. To qualify for an RCS Cash Advance, it is essential that the RCS account is in good standing, free of arrears, and has remained active for a minimum of 3 months. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for those seeking financial assistance through RCS Cash Advances.

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