Legal and registered credit providers in Durban

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When facing urgent monetary needs, it’s crucial to engage with credit providers that are both legal and registered. These entities operate under regulatory frameworks, ensuring transparency, fair practices, and legal recourse for consumers. Here in Umlazi, Durban, there are several such reputable credit providers offering various financial solutions to residents in need.

List of Registered Credit Providers in Umlazi (2024)

  • Lwesihle Services
    • 20 Gumede Drive, Umlazi, 4066
  • The Black Pumpkin Financial Services
    • G1321 Umlazi PO Inkentshane Road, Umlazi 4031
  • Royalcred
    • G1459 Indlulamithi Street, Umlazi 4031
  • Smart SA Finance
    • 5122 Road 05, Umlazi Township, Umlazi 4031
  • Bongukulunga NG
    • C 39 Ezalukazini Avenue, Umlazi 4066
  • Njiyanjiya Solutions
    • W 354 32 Jikazi Place, Umlazi 4031
  • Elamigugu Financial Services
    • Z2338 Emafeyizini Drive Phase 8, Umlazi 4031
  • Somboni Projects and Credit Solutions
    • Q 243 Umdlebe Road, Umlazi Township 4066
  • SD Luthuli Investments Company
    • 54 107226 Street, Umlazi, 4066
  • Ngqengs
    • BB70 Umlazi Nongalaza Road, Umlazi 4066
  • Niq Investments
    • Y27 Kubusiwe Place, Umlazi 4066
  • Ningifuthi
    • M 393 Sdumo Mdluli Road, Umlazi 4066
  • A5 Financial Services
    • N1047 Umlazi, 4031
  • Mshingila Contracting and Trading
    • M1082 Umlazi PO, Umlazi, 4031
  • Cash Crusaders Umlazi
    • Shop 129A, Umlazi Mega City, 50 Griffiths Mxenge Highway, Umlazi, Durban 4093
  • HPQ Sibongile Financial Services
    • G 1340 Bheki Mkhasibe Road, Umlazi 4066
  • Esihlentu Group Holdings
    • K970 Umlazi PO, Umlazi, 4031
  • Lwazilwethu Contracting and Trading
    • R715 Umlazi Ukuphileni Road, Umlazi 4031
  • Thabzo Financial Services
    • Z1277 Road 2472, Umlazi 4031
  • Mzirela
    • H 1305 Umlazi Township, Umlazi 4031

Mashonisa and Loan Sharks in Umlazi

These credit providers adhere to legal guidelines and offer legitimate financial services to the community. However, it’s essential to be aware of illegal loan sharks and Mashonisas operating in the area.

Loan sharks, often unregistered and operating outside the law, prey on vulnerable individuals, trapping them in cycles of debt with exorbitant interest rates and coercive collection practices. Similarly, Mashonisas, while informal, may offer quick cash but often with high-interest rates and no legal protection for borrowers.

In conclusion, when seeking financial assistance, it’s imperative to choose legal and registered credit providers like those listed above in Umlazi, Durban. Doing so ensures not only access to legitimate financial products but also protection under the law, promoting financial well-being and security for individuals and communities.

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