Letsatsi Finance Loans Branches in KwaZulu-Natal

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Letlatsi Finance emerges as your beacon of financial empowerment in Kwazulu Natal, offering tailored loan solutions meticulously designed to address a myriad of financial needs. Whether you’re navigating through unforeseen expenses, orchestrating significant life events, or seeking to consolidate debt, Letlatsi Finance stands as your unwavering partner on the journey to financial resilience. Their one-month loans offer a lifeline for urgent financial exigencies such as medical emergencies or special events. Short-term loans are available to address immediate needs like car repairs or funeral arrangements, with flexible repayment options spanning multiple installments. Moreover, Letlatsi Finance extends long-term loans to help you actualize your financial aspirations, whether it’s planning a dream wedding, renovating your home, or pursuing further education. Their debt consolidation services streamline the management of multiple loans or credit accounts into a cohesive package with a singular interest rate.

The process of securing a loan with Letlatsi Finance is both seamless and efficient. Approval hinges on providing proof of ID, three months of recent payslips, three months of bank statements, a credit check, and an affordability assessment. Once approved, funds are swiftly transferred to your bank account on the same day, ensuring you have the resources you need without delay. For personalized assistance and guidance, customers can rely on Letlatsi Finance’s dedicated Call Centre or visit the nearest branch for expert advice.

Branch List and Contact Details

Letlatsi Finance Durban

Address: Shop 1, 44 Joe Slovo Street, Corner Field and Smith Street, Durban Central, Durban
Telephone: 031 301 1845 / 031 301 2090
Email: durban1@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance Pietermaritzburg

Address: 180 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg
Telephone: 033 342 2770 / 033 342 3084
Email: pietermaritzburg1@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance Pinetown

Address: Unit 3, 36 Crompton Street, Pinetown
Telephone: 031 701 0556
Email: pinetown@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance Port Shepstone

Address: Shop 12, Stevsar House, Nelson Mandela Drive, Port Shepstone
Telephone: 039 682 0922
Email: portshepstone@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance Newcastle

Address: 52 Scott Street, Absa Building, Newcastle
Telephone: 034 312 1293
Email: newcastle1@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance Richardsbay

Address: Office 13, Bellingham Park, Penny Lane, Richards Bay
Telephone: 035 789 0348
Email: richardsbay@letsatsifinance.co.za

Letlatsi Finance remains dedicated to providing fast, reliable financial solutions tailored to individual needs. With a straightforward application process, quick approvals, and same-day payouts, Letlatsi Finance ensures customers can access the funds they need without hassle. Visit any of our branches across Kwazulu Natal or contact our Call Centre to discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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