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Quick and easy personal loans up to R150 000. Apply now, it will only take a few seconds. Apply anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week even during late hours with speedy same day approval.No upfront fees. Apply now, it will only take a few seconds and you can. 95% Approval Rate

Tianko is your one-stop shop for flexible financial solution, offering loans up to R15,000 in minutes. Whether you’re planning a home renovation, need to cover unexpected costs, or just want some extra breathing room, Tianko has your back.

Here’s why Tianko Mobile Loans is the smarter choice

  • Get your cash fast: Say goodbye to drawn-out application processes. With Tianko, you can get the credit you need in minutes, not days.
  • Personalized interest rates: One size doesn’t fit all, and Tianko understands that. You’ll get a personalized interest rate based on your unique financial situation, ensuring you get the best deal possible.
  • More than just loans: Tianko is committed to your financial well-being. They offer debt recovery and management services to help you get out of debt and stay on track.
  • Convenient location: Visit Tianko’s easily accessible branch in Alberton, or contact them via email or phone – they’re always happy to help!

Choosing Tianko Mobile Loans means

  • No more stress: Take control of your finances and ditch the worry. Tianko’s flexible solutions and personalized approach make managing your money easier than ever.
  • Fast and efficient: Get the cash you need when you need it most, without jumping through hoops.
  • Financial freedom: Tianko empowers you to make the purchases you want and handle unexpected costs with confidence.

Contact Details

Feel free to reach out to Tianko Mobile Loans for any inquiries:

Don’t let financial challenges hold you back. Choose Tianko Mobile Loans and experience the difference of a personalized, stress-free credit solution. Visit their branch today or contact them online to get started!

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