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In need of fast cash? Tshelete Thuso Cash Loan offers payday advance loans and 30-day cash loans. To apply, visit their website: http://www.tsheletethuso.co.za.

Tshelete Thuso Cash Loan originally launched in the Southdale Shopping Centre, where its first office remains operational. Following its success, a branch in Midrand City quickly followed suit. During the early days of Cash Loans, such establishments were abundant, with over 30 in the Midrand CBD alone. Tshelete Thuso was among the founding members of the MFSA, which sought to regulate the industry. With the advent of the credit regulator in the early 2000s, non-compliant entities faded away. Tshelete Thuso promptly registered with the regulator, adhering to NCR rules. They were also among the pioneers in adopting the Nu-pay system for client payments, further enhancing customer convenience through the Real-Pay system.

To qualify for a loan, applicants need to provide their ID Book, 90 days of bank statements, and their latest pay slip. Employment of at least six months on a permanent basis is also required.

Tshelete Thuso Branch Details


  • Address: Shop 37, Midrand City, Old Pretoria Rd, Midrand (Above chemist)
  • Phone: 0861 22 22 98, 011-805-5476, 011-805-7124


  • Address: Shop 85, Jubilee Mall, Harry Gwala Rd, Hammanskraal (Next to King Pie)
  • Phone: 0861 22 22 98, 012-727-1242


  • Address: Suite 107, Southdale Shopping Centre, Allemein Rd, Southdale (Above chemist)
  • Phone: 0861 22 22 98, 011-680-0526, 011-023-7556


  • Address: Shop 64, Protea Glen Centre, R558 & Protea Boulevard, Protea Glen, Soweto
  • Phone: 0861 22 22 98

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