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Tswelopele Cash Loans, conveniently located in Klerksdorp, stands as a reliable financial partner, offering swift and accessible financial solutions to individuals in need. With a commitment to providing instant cash support, Tswelopele Cash Loans serves as a trustworthy companion for those facing financial challenges.

Documentation Requirements for Loan Approval

To facilitate a straightforward loan approval process, Tswelopele Cash Loans in Klerksdorp requires applicants to submit essential documentation, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction:

  1. Identity Document (ID): A valid ID is crucial for a secure and transparent transaction.
  2. Months Bank Statement: Providing a detailed overview of financial transactions over the past three months, aiding in assessing the borrower’s financial history and stability.
  3. Payslip/Salary Advice: Verification of the income source, with the submission of a payslip or salary advice contributing to the assessment of affordability and responsible lending.

Tswelopele Cash Loans Interest Rate

Tswelopele Cash Loans extends loans with a competitive interest rate of 25%, ensuring fairness for borrowers and making the loans affordable.

Loan Options and Repayment Plans

Loan AmountRepaymentLoan AmountRepayment
R 100.00R 125.00R 3,500.00R 4,375.00
R 200.00R 250.00R 4,000.00R 5,000.00
R 500.00R 625.00R 4,500.00R 5,625.00
R 800.00R 1,000.00R 5,000.00R 6,250.00
R 1,000.00R 1,250.00R 5,500.00R 6,875.00
R 1,200.00R 1,500.00R 6,000.00R 7,500.00
R 1,500.00R 1,875.00R 6,500.00R 8,125.00
R 1,600.00R 2,000.00R 7,000.00R 8,750.00
R 2,000.00R 2,500.00R 7,500.00R 9,375.00
R 2,500.00R 3,125.00R 8,000.00R 10,000.00
R 3,000.00R 3,750.00R 10,000.00R 12,500.00

Commitment to Responsible Lending Practices

Tswelopele Cash Loans is proud to be a registered organization with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), upholding regulatory norms and emphasizing responsible lending practices to ensure the financial well-being of its clients.

Contact Details

Klerksdorp Branch:

  • Address: Shop No:1, Old Perm Building, Anderson Street, 2571
  • Contact Number: 063 880 5893
  • Email: klerksdorp@tswelopeleloans.co.za

Tswelopele Cash Loans in Klerksdorp invites individuals to visit the branch or contact them via phone or email to explore how they can provide assistance and help take control of financial futures. The dedicated team at Tswelopele Cash Loans is ready to guide applicants through the loan application process with personalized service.

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