Understanding UIF Status: “Completed By Assessor” and Siyaya Framework

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When your UIF status indicates “Completed By Assessor,” it signifies that the UIF assessor has been allocated to your application, conducted an adjudication on your file, and completed the process. For unemployment claims, this typically takes 15 days, while maternity claims usually take 5 days. Once you see this status, it means you are now in the queue for payment, and your funds are being processed.

Siyaya Framework for UIF

Within UIF, there is a framework called Siyaya, which streamlines the rules and approval process. Therefore, you might come across statuses like “Siyaya Approved” or “Siyaya Not Approved.” These indicate the outcome of the streamlined process within the UIF system.

UIF Contact Details

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to UIF through various channels:

  • UIF Call Centre:
    • Call: 0800 UIF (0800 843 843)
  • To Escalate Complaint:
    • Call: 0800 030 007
  • Department of Labour:
    • Call: 012 309 4000
  • Email:

Visiting UIF Offices

If your issue cannot be resolved online or if you have not received a response through other communication channels, you may consider visiting the UIF offices in person.

Understanding your UIF status and utilizing the provided contact details ensures that you can stay informed and address any concerns or queries effectively. Always be sure to check your status regularly for updates on your application.

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