How To Reset Your RCS Card PIN

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Forgot your RCS card PIN? No worries! Here’s how to quickly reset it, applicable to all RCS cards (Edgars, Makro, Jet)

  1. Call RCS Customer Service: Reach them at 0861 729 727.
  2. Verify Your Identity: Be prepared to answer questions confirming you’re the account owner (name, card number, etc.).
  3. Request a PIN Reset: Inform them you need to reset your PIN.
  4. Follow Instructions: You might receive temporary PINs, answer security questions, or visit an RCS branch depending on the card type and security protocols.
  5. Reset Your PIN: Follow the provided instructions to choose or create a new PIN.
  6. Confirm the Reset: Ensure the new PIN is active with the customer service representative.

Remember: The specific process might differ depending on your card and RCS security protocols.

Online Option: Check the RCS online portal to see if it offers PIN reset functionality for your card.

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