RCS Card Payment Options

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RCS offers various convenient ways to make payments and manage your account:

1. RCS App:

2. EFT Payment:

  • Beneficiary: Use “RCS Card”.
  • Reference: Use your 19-digit RCS Store Card number.

3. Direct Deposit at Bank or ATM:

  • Reference: Use your 19-digit RCS Store Card number.

Need further assistance?

  • Call: 0861 729 727.
  • Email: RCScards@rcsgroup.co.za


  • Download the RCS App for the most convenient way to manage your account on the go.
  • Make sure to use the correct reference number for EFT and direct deposits to ensure your payment is applied correctly.

Additional Payment Options:

  • You can also make payments at selected retail stores partnered with RCS. Please visit the RCS website or contact them for a list of participating stores.

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